International Admissions

2020年世界杯冠军Shippensburg University values the cultural diversity and range of perspectives our international students from more than 25 countries bring to the Ship campus and community. More than 100 international students are currently enrolled.

If you have additional questions about the application process, contact us.

International Graduate Students

International Undergraduate Students

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admissions
Joseph A. Luna, III

Building Community

2020年世界杯冠军Shippensburg University offers you personal attention, strong support, and a challenging education, with top-notch faculty and facilities you would expect to find at a larger university. Ship has “big school” opportunities, but is small enough for you to make friends and get one-on-one interaction with faculty. Here are some of the services and support you can expect at Shippensburg University:

Celebrating Culture

2020年世界杯冠军Ship fosters a campus culture that celebrates multiculturalism and diversity. We strive to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to learn more about diversity and civic responsibility. We value human understanding, especially the appreciation and awareness of cultural, racial, and gender differences. Here are some of the ways we achieve these goals at Ship:

Immigration Status and Visa-Related Questions

Please contact the Director of International Programs with questions about your visa(s) and immigration:

Mary Sloan-Burnett
Shippensburg University
Student Life Center-MCL117
1871 Old Main Drive
Shippensburg, PA 17257






2020年世界杯冠军本科招生助理院长 Joseph A. Luna, III




  • 个人的准确定位
  • 国际学生顾问
  • 随时为您答疑解惑的国际项目办公室
  • 学习中心有专业的国际写作导师为您辅导
  • 校内工作机会
  • 非洲学生协会
  • 为国际学生专门设置的食堂



  • 学生必须学习一门关于多样性的课程
  • 国际学生组织(ISO)努力促进文化交流和全球观点交流,欢迎国际和美国本土学生加入
  • 国际教育周
  • 国际电影俱乐部和国际电影节
  • 法语,德语,西班牙语和中文语言俱乐部
  • 全年都举办的文化导览活动
  • 国际研究项目



玛丽斯隆 - 伯内特


Student Life Center-MCL117

2020年世界杯冠军1871 Old Main Drive

Shippensburg, PA 17257